Ep #95: Mark Meritt Jr. - Not Your Everyday Developer [S05-E15]

Mark Meritt Jr.

  •  Jun 1, 2021



I spoke with Mark Meritt Jr. Mark is an app developer and college professor here in Toronto, Canada. I got really impressed when I saw on his LinkedIn profile that he is currently working in a bunch of other local colleges that I have never worked before but would love to.

So I invited him for an informal chat the other day and we connected right away. He is also a very passionate developer with a good hang of teaching technology.

Mark started his career developing a mobile game and making apps for clients.

Mark also told me how scared he was when he entered for the first time in a classroom with rows and rows full of students staring at him.

I want to give a bit thanks to Richard Dalmacio for coming to the call and asking questions to Mark as well. I help a group of developers with their careers and Richard is one of the members of this group who is also interested in mobile development. So when you hear a different voice asking questions, it is Richard's.

I will leave you now with the inspiring stories from Mark Meritt Jr., app developer and college professor.

Enjoy the chat!


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